Monday, March 28, 2011

works in progress...

Here is the project I have been promising to show you for a while....

The top of Lauren's quilt!

This is my first attempt at a quilt, and rather than going with something intricate and wrecking it, I went with simple blocks. When Lauren's room is done, it will have a vintage vibe, so I am glad I didn't do anything fancy. Simple and sweet! I love the vibrant colours, which suit Lauren's personality to a T! I am glad I added white, though, otherwise it would have been too much colour. The patterned material is from Momo Freebird -- I really like their fabric! The solids (blue and white) are just whatever was the cheapest! LOL I still have to find a sheet for the back of the quilt, and figure out how I am going to do the binding...

This is material I bought I while back (last October to be exact!) for my eldest daughter's room.

We are redoing her room, but I am not saying how until it is all done and I can post pictures! Let's just say it will be a teen's room... :o)

This past weekend I used some of the material to make curtains for Alyssa's window. I lined the curtains with some lining material that was given to me by my sister -- thanks Rona! :o) I sewed a blue ribbon across the panels to give it some pop, and used wide ribbon as the top tabs -- much quicker than making all the tabs from regular fabric!

I also put sheers in the window so my daughter could leave her curtains open during the day and not have her room visible to anyone in the backyard. (The window is right above ground level, and anyone can look in...)

Teens need their privacy!!! :o)

I had to shorten the sheers, so I sewed a thin strip of blue ribbon across the bottom, then cut off the excess sheer material. Saved time by not having to measure and sew up a new bottom hem!

So cute!!!

I really love them, and they are the first installment in Alyssa's renovated room. Different wall colour, new quilt, and lots of other stuff to be done yet! Can't wait to get it all done and share with you....


  1. cool! Why didn't you tell me about the ribbon trick on the hem BEFORE I went through all that hassle the other week with mine?? LOL
    Looks great!

  2. Good Job chris!! It looks amazing... and I'm sure both Lauren and Alyssa will love whatever you do for htem.....


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