Friday, January 28, 2011

Amy Butlers Birdie Bag

 Awhile back in December I went for my sewing class with my friend Karen and cut out he pattern for this bag. I kept seeing it lying there wanting to get finished so I found some tips online and managed to sew it up today. I was working on Madison quilt until I ran out of pink thread. Oh well I found another project. Im pretty proud of myself which I dont say very often but I usually will cut out a pattern and unless I finish right away it ends up in a pile with the rest of the unfinished projects. So I went ahead and here is the end result...

I dont know how much I love the bag. It has a poof to it that im hoping I can fix and i found the top panel a bit finicky. Oh well I think its always good practice and even with its faults I know I will use this bag.

Well Im off to eat dinner with my Dad. Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Batman to the Rescue!

First I would like to give a shout out to Amanda at Serenity Now I wont this sweet giveaway from here . She has a Christian store with all sorts of goodies VERY nice stuff! This is what I won ....
Did you check out Chris's post below? She made me the CUTEST owl pin cushion . What a sweetheart. I absolutely adore owls and this was the perfect homemade gift for me!
And lastly I had bought a couple shirts for Dylan and found out that both sister in laws bought the same shirts for their boys. So since they are all in the same class I thought I would try and make Dylans a bit different. The shirts were only 2.99 each and they have a ragged bottom so instead of doing it the usual way I just cut out the shapes and sews a straight stitch along the edge. He loves them.

And just cuz I think he is adorable here is a picture of the cutest batman EVER!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a hoot!

Recently in the land of Facebook I signed up for a pay it forward venture...
I was to sign up my name to receive something handmade, while I had to do the same for five fellow FBers.
So I posted the same in my status, but the response was poor! Do I not have any crafty friends on FB who want to pay it forward???
I still really wanted to make little things for other people, so I changed my status and told the first seven people who signed up under my comment that they would get something handmade by me, no strings attached.
Apparently I am not good in math because I ended up with around 13 people in the end!
I couldn't just turn them down... :o)
So meet this little guy.
He is a pincushion, and I made him for none other than my co blogger here!
Hope Tania loves him!
Then I made this hairclip for someone else on my list... actually it is for her daughter
-- I got the flower pattern from here:
I used their flower pattern but put the clip together with my own ideas.

These three clips I made for my daughter, using the same flower pattern as above.
I want to make a few headbands with these as well -- they would look super cute!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You Poppy Seed Fabrics :)

The other day I received a really fun package in the mail. It is beautiful fabric , I have no clue what im going to do with it but Im excited!Thank you Poppy seed Fabrics!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting to know you....

Hello everyone!
I first want to say thanks to Tania for inviting me to guest post on your blog.
It means a lot to me to know how much you like what I do.
Hearing that from people keeps me inspired to do more!
Much to my husband's chagrin, I am sure... :o)

So, I thought I would start with letting you all know a little about myself.
THEN I will bury you in an avalanche of past projects I have done!

-- I am a happily married mother of FIVE children, ages ranging from 13 down to 2.
They are all the loves of my life, and my joy and inspiration!

-- I LOVE to run. It is my sanity time, and chance to clear my head. No matter how lousy my run turns out, I always come back refreshed and happy. Maybe it is the fact that I run with a partner -- I know for sure if I didn't, I would have given up running before I even started!

-- I like to think I am a crafty person. I like to paint, sew, upcycle things, refurbish furniture, and craft. I am always looking for new things to inspire me, and my to do list for this year is already VERY long!!!

-- I love photography. But I am still working on becoming a better photographer... I have a Canon Power Shot which I love, but am still trying to figure out how to use it! Hopefully when I have it all figured out I can sneak out my husband's camera when he is working (he has an SLR), and fool around with that as well!
I always have lots of subjects handy... :o)

Hmmm... not much else to say right now, other than bring on the photos!!!


Soldier and Pirate costumes I made for my nephew this past Christmas


Pillows made for my niece at Christmas


A shirt I completely accidentally shrunk in the laundry (how many times can I apologize honey?)

Now it fits me!!!! :o)

I love adding appliques to plain shirts for my kids... there are so many fun possibilities and they will always have original shirts!


I made a quilt cover for my little guy's crib this past year... this year I am attempting to make two quilts and I am so scared!


new shirts for my daughter...


A messenger bag I made for our family trip this past summer to California.. it held everything I needed!


An apron for my eldest who started grade eight this past fall and needed one for cooking class...
her favourite colour!


A purse I made for a niece... I also made the same one with longer handles for my daughter!


Art work I painted up for my second daughter's 'new' room...
This year I hope to be redoing all the kids' rooms except for my youngest!


A monogram picture I made for another niece this Christmas


A memory board I made for our kitchen pantry...


I love to repaint furniture!
This crib before....

And after! I also sewed the little doll quilt, sheet and pillow...


I received this little table (or I should say a table very similar to this one) from my in laws, and repainted it for my daughter's room...


I painted the drawer fronts and added the bugs (that I painted as well) for my son's room...


HAHA! Got this cabinet from Canadian Tire and painted it to match my bathroom...


I love finding things at second hand stores any changing them to make new things.

The lamp on the left is the new one. It replaced the teeny weeny ones I had in my living room...


An old frame found new life in my kitchen...

As a chalkboard!

If you made it this far, congratulations!
Now you have had a glimpse into my past, and I can't wait to share my present and future with you all!

I have a few projects already on the go, with many many more waiting patiently for me!

I actually did do a project today, but you will have to wait for photos as it is in bed right now...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

A new Team Member!

Yay Im so excited that finally Chris's crafts will be shared with the rest of you. Chris is a great friend of mine and she does all sorts of things from sewing , card making, refurbishing old furniture and even photography. Im excited that this blog will now be her's as well . Stay tuned for her first post!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank You to the The Paisley Cupcake

I love how the craft blog world likes to try to connect with everyone with the same interests. its a neat way to get ideas of new crafts, recipes, organization. THANK YOU Paisley Cupcake for the award ...

I didn't even know they new I was around so how cool is that. There blog is great I highly recommend checking them out.

To accept this Award you must:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

So here it is 7 things about Me

1. I am studying to become a teachers aid
2. My favorite food is chicken pizza and I could probably eat a large to myself

3. I can't spell ( btu u proly nodiced thet alredy)

4. I love going to concerts Ive seen Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, Kenny Chesney, Blink 182, Barenaked Ladies, Michael w Smith, Paul Brant x2 , Sara Evans , Brooks n Dunn, Biff naked, Matthew Good band, The Offspring, the list goes on.

5. I live In Vancouver B.C and I have Never been to a Canucks game or been to Whistler

6. I used to be insainly into scrapbooking but haven't touched it since I learned to sew.( I do have to complete it eventually though)

7. I married the guy I had a crush on since I was 15. hehe Hes awesome.

OK here is my list of Bloggers to Award

She make quality sleep sacks that are adorable. I just bought one for my 2 and a half year old!
She has a wicked wallet tutorial

beautiful fabric and great coaster tutorial

everytime I go over to her blog i drool

She is such a talented quilter

Go check out her year in review WOW!

neat crafting ideas

Great tutorials , beautiful jewlery
I couldnt get away with not mentioning this one. Ive been a follower as long as I have blogged!

She has the cutest baby bump ever
another great quilter

She is such a good sewer making a variety of neat things for baby's and kids!

This sister team comes up with smart solutions to save money while crafting 

Gotta check her site out. Awesome stuff and cute kids

15. Be Still 
You may noticed there is no link that's because its a private blog such a shame as she is the best crafter I know, perhaps she could join my blog. Whata ya say Chris