Friday, April 29, 2011

Skirting the issue

A couple weeks ago I took an old pair of Alyssa's jeans (that still fit her but never wore because of the flare on the bottom) and changed them from this:

(okay, not these jeans -- I had already cut Alyssa's up before remembering to take a photo)

To this!

All I did was cut the jeans across the knees, took apart the inside leg seams and up the back a bit, then flattened it all down nice and sewed it up. Then I made a hem and voila!

Unused jeans to worn at least once a week skirt!!!

Alyssa thought it was really cool and all her friends couldn't believe I made it.

It does look better in real life, but alas, my photography skills have been left behind in the dust while I goof around with my sewing machine...

I had bought some stretchy jersey knit the other week so I could make myself a skirt.

Got it all made up, tried it on, then asked Alyssa to try it on.

It looked better on her then me!


It is a yoga type skirt with a really REALLY comfortable waist, with an added ruffle on the bottom.

Sewing with stretchy knit was a LOT easier than I thought it would be! I love the drape of it, but more on Alyssa this time. :o)

And those jeans in the first photo? I had tried to do the same thing with a pair of my jeans, which were too big for me (I hate it when that happens! lol). The problem arose when I tried it on pinned up skirt style. The jeans are stretchy material, and they had been worn so much that the derriere part was a little over stretched (I hate it when that happens!!!) so it looked really dorky.

So the jean material has been relegated to my sewing material pile, and I went out and bought not one but two skirts to make up for this injustice! (there was a sweet sale)

But I didn't get a jean skirt, so maybe I will have to raid my closet (or Alyssa's!) and find a pair I can use for me!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Coaster Set -Birthday Gift :)

My sister in law Marie had her birthday a couple weeks ago but I seem to be on slow motion. When I saw this fabric I totally thought of her. She's a latte kinda girl and the colors are totally her colors. Im very happy with the way they turned out . :o)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sew busy

This past week I had mentioned on my personal blog that sewing machine was going to get a good workout this week.

And it has, I think.

Monday I spent putting a bunch of patches on clothing for a friend, and Tuesday I started a project for myself.

My old purse was starting to fall apart, and rather than shell out $$$ to buy a new one, I decided to try make my own.

I found this bag tutorial at http://bluebirdbaby.typepadcom/phots/bag_tutorial/index.html and had it sitting in my inbox waiting patiently for me.

I noticed that it had a center panel, which gave me the perfect opportunity to use the rest of the fabric that I loved so much here:

I even have a little bit extra! Now what do with that...

Anyways, here is the finished product. Since it was such a deep bag (YAY!!!) I added a middle divider and extra pockets to keep things a little more organized.

I used longer middle panels and ruffled the edges to give it a little more visual interest. I also put in a zipper instead of the button it called for. I like to have all things in my purse a little more contained -- and hidden from a certain 2 year old! :o) Best of all it has room for everything -- and more! -------------------------------------------------- I worked on my purse Tuesday and Wednesday, and then today I made up another pay it forward gift. This bunting was a good way to use up scraps of fabric. I love how it turned out -- even the bias tape was recycled from my little guy's crib bumper pads!

This bunting has a little secret though... This gift is for a sweet lady in our church who has boys, but also a girl! And girls can't have blue bunting, can they?

Well, not all the time, anyways.

So I made the bunting REVERSIBLE!!!!

So I have this sweet piece of pie ready to go...

Only ten(?) more to go.... better get back to my machine!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Baby Gift and a Pillow Made with Madison

I had fun this past week taking a break from Madison's quilt. I whipped up a baby girl quilt for a couple of friends who just had there first baby . Her name is Sydney and she is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had a picture to share. Jamie ( the dad) was my neighbor and classmate for many years and my brother and him are best buds. Anyways I used some minky type stuff and flannel and then flannel for the back so its nice and cuddly.

 I am so close to being done Madison's quilt. I had a few extra squares so I made her a pillow and plan to do more but this was something she could help me do. She stuffed it for me while i quilted and she was a wonderful help. Im happy with it , its corduroy on the back which gives it a neat look.  I cant wait to teach her to sew, I thin for her birthday coming up Im going to get a sewing kit started for her. 

And just for fun a couple pictures of Madison and I playing with the camera