Monday, March 21, 2011


I had ABSOLUTELY NO intentions of going anywhere near my sewing machine today!!!
But while I was downstairs sorting out the laundry, I came across a bag of too - small T shirts from my eldest daughter. We had planned to drop them off at Sally Ann or donate them to a friend, but I thought maybe I could upcycle them instead!
A long time ago I had come across a cute tutorial at where the blogger made a cute dress for a little girl using used T shirts. I always had it in the back of my mind, and that post came back to me when I opened the bag of tees.
I didn't want to do a ton of strips, as I was afraid they wouldn't match up when I did the side seams.
Here is my finished product:
I still have to wash it so the raw edges curl up a bit, but Lauren couldn't wait to wear it for the day!
I may add some stamps to the strips with fabric paint as well, but it does look cuter in real life!

Lauren LOVES it!!!
She can't wait to wear it to school.
Looking at this photo though, makes me think I should have photoshopped all the bruises on her legs... such a tomboy!
Oh well, she will just have to wear tights or leggings with the dress.


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