Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Newest Addition!

I am so excited to introduce to you the newest addition to my family... my sewing family that it is . HEHE. I have been looking for quite sometime now for a sewing table, one that my sewing machine can sit in to make quilting a bit easier. There not cheap you can find tiny ones with no storage for 50 dollars or one that your machine just sits in and it has 3 drawers for 100 and most made out of particle board.  I was going to buy wood and have my wonderful step father build me one but I came across the perfect for me table on craigslist. He was willing to go and look at it for me and had to go half way up Seymour mountain for it( if your not familiar with Vancouver its quite a ways). I had plans to go out already to the states so when I came home this is what I found in my sewing room........

All for the wonderful price of $110 dollars . yippee! All I need now is a big cutting mat :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK DON !!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo


  1. Wow, Tania, that is one FABULOUS sewing table, and what a great price! There is so much space and storage.... and it's real wood. You just can't do better than that!



  2. BEAUTIFUL! All the storage you need, and such a great price! Can't wait to see it! Karen

  3. May you have many happy days quilting and sewing with your new table :).

  4. oh, that's so exciting! So happy for you! It's nice that you have the space for it too! Hope you get lots of joy out of it :)


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