Friday, March 11, 2011

A little pretty

I have been working on a big project the last few days (which you will get to see in the next day or so), but decided to take a break tonight and work on a little pretty for Lauren's bedroom.
I had a wooden plaque that I had picked up at Sally Ann for a dime way back when, and I came up with inspiration for a new use for it last night as I got ready for bed.
I got out some chip board letters and put it all on my night table so I wouldn't forget about it (as I would most likely do and it would sit and languish in a drawer somewhere until one day in a couple years I will spy it and remember I had big ideas for it! lol) and worked on it tonight while hubby watched some TV.
I did this at the dining room table, so we at least shared the living space! :o)
This is what I came up with:
I mod podged some cute blue card stock paper to the back, and glued down a strip of matching velvet ribbon.
I put on three 'hooks' -- in reality they are three old furniture tacks that were kicking around in the tool chest down stairs. I didn't want to push them all the way through, but also needed some stability so the pins wouldn't fall off in a day, so I raided Lauren's bead collection and found two beads for every pin -- perfect!

The chipboard letters I had were a pretty sparkly pinky purple, but NOT the colour I needed for Lauren's room. So I ripped off the top cardboard...

.... painted the letters white and added some sparkle to them!
Now they match!!!

Vintage with a modern flair?
Hope she loves her new jewellery holder!


  1. Chris you are always coming up with the coolest ideas. :)

  2. This is brilliant!! Love how you used stuff around the house to complete it! Looks awesome! Can't wait to see Lauren's room!!


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