Thursday, March 3, 2011

more bedroom upcycles

I got more things done for Lauren's room!!!
I picked up this cute shelf unit a few months back (off of craigslist, where else?) and just let it sit until I actually got started on things for Lauren's room:
Here is the finished product!

I had a broken lamp that had an adorable wooden base, just waiting for inspiration...

I picked this little birdhouse up at Joann's in the states:
(sorry about the REALLY poor quality photo -- the light was terrible and I couldn't get the camera to focus!!!)

And this is the finished product!

On my other blog a while ago, some of you might recognize this wrought iron piece I picked up at sally ann for super cheap:

I was planning on putting it in our entrance way when it was renovated:
Since then I made NEW plans to put a different piece from our kitchen wall down there, so had no place for this piece.
I got these vintage photos from a friend, who printed them up into 5x7s for me.
I put them in cheapo ikea frames I had kicking around, and stapled them on to the wooden strips.
Oops the photo above slipped!
I fixed it after...
There are french sayings on the bottom, but I haven't bothered to figure them out yet... nothing google translate couldn't figure out!

And another blurry photo due to bad lighting and an ornery camera... :oP
Now all that is left is her dresser which needs to have new drawer glides put in, plus a little bit of fancying up.... future post for sure!
As for the rest of her room, I need to get a can of paint, plus sew a quilt.... oh and I have plans for the initial 'L' too!!!!
Such fun!


  1. Oh for Pete's sake Chris...I'm LOVING all these neat little projects you do!! You've got such good taste and I love how you can envision something that goes from boring to something so pretty and fun! Love the shelf!

  2. Wow. Great ideas and they actually turn out! So do you do consults ;-)


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