Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Name, New Blog!!!

Exciting things going on here!
I have a new blog!
I have moved all the old posts over to
Please click on the link, 
put my new address to your favourites list,  
and join me there!

To all of my faithful followers, please become a follower on my new blog -- I plan on hosting a giveaway very soon, and I don't want you to miss out!
And if you aren't a follower yet, make that jump.
You won't be disappointed.

PS. You will notice on my new blog that there is now a link to my new Facebook page too! It is still a baby, so not a lot going on right now, but I also plan on hosting a giveaway on there as well! So click on the big blue F, and like my page to keep up with me there...

Monday, January 16, 2012

new things

I have some exciting things coming up here soon, including a name change!
Stay tuned...and thanks for your patience.

Friday, January 6, 2012

new year, new resolutions?

A lot of people love to make New Year's resolutions.
Last year I did, and failed. Again. So I decided this year I wasn't going to make any.
I have plans to do much this year, but if they don't get done, no skin off my back. I won't feel guilty about it.

I have lots of things up my sleeve for this blog, including opening an etsy shop! But, that may take some time as I build up a bit of inventory first. I don't get how people can open up an etsy shop with only one or two things to offer....

I have ideas of things to make -- my list is quite long! -- but right now I am busy digging my house out from under the chaos the kids left behind when they started school. I want to start the year with a totally clean house, everything organized and sorted, things purged and put away properly.... you may see me in March or so.

I hope.

I have an idea for a super dee dooper hat for my little guy which I will share with you as soon as I have it done -- after all, I can't slave away in the bowels of my house all day, every day. Mom needs a break too!

I have a custom order to fill first, but stay tuned for Aiden's next hat!
He needs SOMETHING to cover his crib-bed head....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sign language

I told you yesterday I was working on a little painting project...
here it is!
I took a piece of unusable flooring from our shop -- leftovers from our renos, and the tongue was wrecked, so it was garbage....
 Cut it down to size, sanded it really well,
 and primed it with a grey tinted primer. I wanted a grey undercoat, so this served a double purpose!
 Today I dry brushed some white paint on top until it was the colour I was looking for.
When that was dry I roughed up the edges, sponged a very thin layer of brown over top so it wasn't quite as bright white anymore, chucked the keys on it a few times to create nicks in the paint, and this is what it looks like now!
 I picked up some wall decal sayings in the states for a DOLLAR a piece!
This was my favourite one, and I wanted more than just a little saying stuck on my wall somewhere.
I think this one will do the trick...
Now to figure out how -- and where -- to hang it!
since anyone who knows me also knows I can't leave well enough alone...
 I HAD to add some shading on the edge!
The big board was bugging me.
It looked too big.
Now I am all done.
I think.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sew day!

Well, since we aren't anywhere close to having a snow day, I decided to have a SEW day instead.
It was that or housework, and I ran out of Tide after one load of laundry this morning.
It was decided for me!

The first hour of sewing (I didn't start until after lunch) I made a pair of sweat pants for Aiden. Nothing spectacular, or photo worthy. They are boring, navy blue, and will keep Aiden's legs covered while he gets dressed up with cuter-than-him tops. Is that even possible?

Ah well, after that I decided to start on a little painting craft!
Okay, it is not so little, and not done either, so you will have to be patient while waiting for that post!

While the paint was drying, I thought of something else I could sew.
Quick and easy pillows for my couches!
I had picked up some beautiful woven material a while ago in the states for a mere $3.50 a yard.
YES, the price was right. On sale too, and the colours went perfectly with my house!!!
See, I had these pillows that came with the couches, but I never liked them. The material looked.... dirty, even though they were brand new! And they are a little washed out for my living room.
 In a closet they languished since the couches were delivered.... two years ago?
See how bland they are?
 The new pillows!
I made them a little smaller, and stuffed them with the old pillow stuffing.
The colours are actually much redder than they appear in this photo...
 Such a pretty fabric!
 And adds a bit of a colour punch.
Just the way I like it.
I have my laptop resting on this pillow as I type this!

Monday, December 19, 2011

home made bling

I went to Michael's this morning to pick up a couple things, and came across a sale on jewellery making supplies!
I have always wanted to try my hand at it, so I just grabbed a set of two connectors and a couple necklaces, not having a clue what I was going to do with them!
Yes, how very like me...
 I really loved the vintage look of this connector, and thought I would make a bracelet with it.
 I went through my jewellery, found an old necklace and took it apart.
This is the end result!

 I ended up having to take a bit more chain off, as I have impossibly tiny wrists!
I haven't owned a bracelet in YEARS!!!! I think I like this one...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas gifts

I made a couple more gifts today... one is for Aiden, and another for a friend who doesn't read this blog, so it's safe!
(I hope)

These stars I first saw on lemon tree creations here, and fell in love with them instantly!
Today I dug out a paper bag from safeway, an old dictionary I have previously used for cardmaking, some ribbon and batting, and got to work!

 I made a set of six, but I plan on making many, many more!!!!


This next project was something I had swimming around in my head for a while. I am planning on making all my kids note totes for church (no, I am not finished yet!), and I had a special one in mind for Aiden.
Here he is!
 I used felt and ribbon for the face and 'collar', and a bit more suede material for the ears.
 I also used suede string instead of a button -- it obviously wouldn't have fit anywhere on the front.
He is so soft and cute!
I made a pocket on the inside with dividers for Aiden's pencil crayons -- I give him crayons, because pencils get all over his hands and clothes, and pens mixed with a three year old is a recipe for disaster!
Now he can draw rainbows...