Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break???

I thought having spring break would mean..... a break!
Well, it is for the kids, but not for me!!!
I have spent almost the whole last week sewing!
I have been working on a big project (which I mentioned in an earlier post), but got stalled on it as I am needing more material. In the next day or so I hope to take a photo of what I have done so far and post it for you!
In the meantime, I got to work on this pattern I found at
It is a very basic pants pattern and tutorial, and seriously easy to sew!
Aiden was very excited I was making him new pants, and didn't want to take them off when I measured him for hemming.
They look so cute!

Considering the success of the first pair, I decided to try another one, this time making it much more fancier.

With a matching shirt! :o)

I just cut out a tie pattern, fused it on, and stitched the edges with a straight stitch. The tie is also made with a tee shirt, so I am not worried about unravelling...

So for the pants!!!
Aren't they sweet?
I embellished them with sewn cuff bottoms and little buttons with straps...
Buttons on the flat front...
Extra little tabs on the pockets... the pockets are a necessity for Sunday pants as that is where he stores his church candies... ;o)
And even lined the pockets with the matching tee!
I also double stitched everything and sewed the seams down flat to give them extra durability...
because I am going to need it with this little guy in them!!!
I love the retro look of these pants!


  1. What a great job Chris! He looks so cute in them!!

  2. ah, they're awesome!! Love them so much! Those pants are just the bomb!

  3. oh they turned out GREAT!! Really cool. If you have a moment, add them to our flickr group!
    Thanks for sharing with me,
    - dana

  4. Seriously Chris, these are just super - can I place an order?? You should sell them on Etsy!!! I'll have to check out that pattern, I'm not really into sewing but I'm sure I could find someone. TFS


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