Friday, March 4, 2011

Madison's Quilt, Brandon's Quilt and Retreat day!

Im so excited tomorrow is the 3rd annual quilt retreat. This is a day I look forward to ALL year long. We really should do it more often. I will tell you all about it next week. For now I will share with you Madison's finished quilt top. Im so happy with the way it turned out. I was also busy cutting away fabric for Brandon's ( 2 year old) quilt. I really wanted the red All Star fabric from 2009 but of course its hard to come by, well my great friend just happened to have 13 fat quarters in her stash she wasn't planning on using so I bought what little I could find on line and now Im ready to piece it together. Here are a couple picture's and really the photos dont show how pretty the fabric really is .

upside down but you can see my little tag :)

She doesnt even want me to quilt it just wants it on her bed LOL

I did it pretty random , Im happy with it

Just igonre Hubby's feet 
So WHAT DO YOU THINK! I cannot wait to get them done . Im really thrilled with the way Madison's turned out. have a good weekend!



  1. JEALOUS! I LOVE Brandon's quilt material!!!
    And have fun at that retreat tomorrow -- maybe next year I will join in! :o)

  2. Oh Tania, Madison's quilt turned out just beautiful! I love those sweet, happy fabrics, and from the smile on Madison's face, so does she! (She's a real cutie, by the way!) And the layout for Brandon's quilt looks fabulous, too. He's probably going to be just as happy as Madison! Great job, my friend!

    Enjoy your retreat!



  3. you did a wonderful job tania i love it way to go you get better and better all the time


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