Thursday, March 10, 2011

3rd Annual Quilt Retreat

I look so forward to the annual quilt retreat every year. There is always so  much inspiration packed into one room! All day long you hear laughter, everyone just has such a fabulous time. The last couple of years we have done a charm swap but this year we all made a block for a quilt to donate for auction to a charity. ( pro -life was the charity). We played some games, they had lots of prizes, and food was prepared for us for the day. Its a great time to re connect with those I only see at the retreat . the best part is I got alot done! Stay tuned for that..

Myself and one of my great friends Esther!
Quilt made by 2nd retreat charm swap
project I was working on
Pro life quilt
karen from
Rebecca from
Rebecca and Alisa from

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