Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sign language

I told you yesterday I was working on a little painting project...
here it is!
I took a piece of unusable flooring from our shop -- leftovers from our renos, and the tongue was wrecked, so it was garbage....
 Cut it down to size, sanded it really well,
 and primed it with a grey tinted primer. I wanted a grey undercoat, so this served a double purpose!
 Today I dry brushed some white paint on top until it was the colour I was looking for.
When that was dry I roughed up the edges, sponged a very thin layer of brown over top so it wasn't quite as bright white anymore, chucked the keys on it a few times to create nicks in the paint, and this is what it looks like now!
 I picked up some wall decal sayings in the states for a DOLLAR a piece!
This was my favourite one, and I wanted more than just a little saying stuck on my wall somewhere.
I think this one will do the trick...
Now to figure out how -- and where -- to hang it!
since anyone who knows me also knows I can't leave well enough alone...
 I HAD to add some shading on the edge!
The big board was bugging me.
It looked too big.
Now I am all done.
I think.


  1. ok, I may just have to steal this idea if you don't mind! :)
    That is a compliment :D

  2. it's really neat ; it reminds me of stuff heather used to do. (typography art, and that type of painting.)

  3. Love your sign...and I agree the edges needed a little extra. You did great!


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