Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sew day!

Well, since we aren't anywhere close to having a snow day, I decided to have a SEW day instead.
It was that or housework, and I ran out of Tide after one load of laundry this morning.
It was decided for me!

The first hour of sewing (I didn't start until after lunch) I made a pair of sweat pants for Aiden. Nothing spectacular, or photo worthy. They are boring, navy blue, and will keep Aiden's legs covered while he gets dressed up with cuter-than-him tops. Is that even possible?

Ah well, after that I decided to start on a little painting craft!
Okay, it is not so little, and not done either, so you will have to be patient while waiting for that post!

While the paint was drying, I thought of something else I could sew.
Quick and easy pillows for my couches!
I had picked up some beautiful woven material a while ago in the states for a mere $3.50 a yard.
YES, the price was right. On sale too, and the colours went perfectly with my house!!!
See, I had these pillows that came with the couches, but I never liked them. The material looked.... dirty, even though they were brand new! And they are a little washed out for my living room.
 In a closet they languished since the couches were delivered.... two years ago?
See how bland they are?
 The new pillows!
I made them a little smaller, and stuffed them with the old pillow stuffing.
The colours are actually much redder than they appear in this photo...
 Such a pretty fabric!
 And adds a bit of a colour punch.
Just the way I like it.
I have my laptop resting on this pillow as I type this!


  1. Very nice! A good way to spend a rainy day!
    (Sarah V.)


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