Thursday, December 15, 2011

Made with love

I may never make another note tote after this Christmas.
I am seeing them in my dreams!
These three guys I made for two of my sons and a nephew...
they are for taking notes in church, so I didn't want to make them too bright (I nixed the idea of using my camo material on them, but they sure would have looked cute!)
 I used black corduroy, and kept them simple.
I couldn't resist adding a pop of colour with the elastic, and ironed on a camo printed intial with the iron on patches you can buy for super cheap.
 I traced a chipboard letter on the back of the material and cut them out.
So easy for appliques!!!

 I only added one pocket on the left side, because really, extra pockets would be wasted on the boys.
Or ripped off.

I have more of these babies to make, and I have a super cute on in mind for Aiden, so stay tuned for those!


This adorable owl was gifted to me today by a dear sweet friend!
I love it, Tania, and it will be sure to put a smile in my face every time I see her.
Owls are so cute!!!


  1. love those note book folders - great job .... and that owl is adorable - ♥ owls! Happy Christmas to you and your family - enjoy this beautiful time of year and God's blessings for 2012!!

  2. cool! so how come you made Michael's with a small m and the other boys' with capitals? lol

  3. Because the chipboard capital M was too big for the space I had to work with... ;o)

  4. really nice, i like the button on R's!

  5. Your notebooks came out perfect. I love the dark corduroy.


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