Thursday, December 8, 2011

handmade Christmas

When I first got married, my perfect Christmas tree held matchy matchy ornaments, white lights, everything placed just so.
Over the years those matchy matchy ornaments were packed/ given/ thrown away, to be replaced with much more meaningful ones...
 Ryan's snowman brought home from school
 little gloves I made that actually fit Alyssa's hands that year
 another school project
 recycled light bulb snowman I made... can't do this with the spiral lightbulbs!
 a gingerbread man I made
 scandinavian looking heart -- also by me
 made by my m-i-l before she became my
m-i-l  :o)
 simple wooden ornament coloured by one of the kids
 school project by Alyssa
 I made wooden stars wth popsicle sticks
 There are many more ornaments, some handmade, some bought with loving thoughts...
Darryl's mom has helped our collection by adding one ornament for every person each year!
So, no more matchy ornaments, no white lights -- all colour, all loving memories... with more to be added every year!

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  1. How did you make the gingerbread ornament?


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