Friday, January 6, 2012

new year, new resolutions?

A lot of people love to make New Year's resolutions.
Last year I did, and failed. Again. So I decided this year I wasn't going to make any.
I have plans to do much this year, but if they don't get done, no skin off my back. I won't feel guilty about it.

I have lots of things up my sleeve for this blog, including opening an etsy shop! But, that may take some time as I build up a bit of inventory first. I don't get how people can open up an etsy shop with only one or two things to offer....

I have ideas of things to make -- my list is quite long! -- but right now I am busy digging my house out from under the chaos the kids left behind when they started school. I want to start the year with a totally clean house, everything organized and sorted, things purged and put away properly.... you may see me in March or so.

I hope.

I have an idea for a super dee dooper hat for my little guy which I will share with you as soon as I have it done -- after all, I can't slave away in the bowels of my house all day, every day. Mom needs a break too!

I have a custom order to fill first, but stay tuned for Aiden's next hat!
He needs SOMETHING to cover his crib-bed head....


  1. Thats exiting about opening an etsy shop , I have had long term plans of doing that just probably wont happen for awhile. It would be fun though. :) Good luck with it.

  2. hey, are you talking about my one-item etsy shop!?? ;)
    but seriously, that should be fun! you'll need to be sure not to give everything away!

  3. Oh come one, Paul, you had at least three things in your shop... LOL
    And I plan on contacting you when I want to set it up! I will need a LOT of help. :oP

  4. Setting up an etsy shop is pretty easy, Chris. And you need not have a lot in it to start (oh the pressure!) When people shop on etsy they often search by keyword and your item will show up no matter how much is in your shop. My shop is sadly neglected right now but I've never put a lot in at a time but most has sold over time. I was also advised by someone to list only one item a day until you've listed everything, particularly when it's multiples of the same item. That way your items stay close to the top of the category.


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