Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas gifts

I made a couple more gifts today... one is for Aiden, and another for a friend who doesn't read this blog, so it's safe!
(I hope)

These stars I first saw on lemon tree creations here, and fell in love with them instantly!
Today I dug out a paper bag from safeway, an old dictionary I have previously used for cardmaking, some ribbon and batting, and got to work!

 I made a set of six, but I plan on making many, many more!!!!


This next project was something I had swimming around in my head for a while. I am planning on making all my kids note totes for church (no, I am not finished yet!), and I had a special one in mind for Aiden.
Here he is!
 I used felt and ribbon for the face and 'collar', and a bit more suede material for the ears.
 I also used suede string instead of a button -- it obviously wouldn't have fit anywhere on the front.
He is so soft and cute!
I made a pocket on the inside with dividers for Aiden's pencil crayons -- I give him crayons, because pencils get all over his hands and clothes, and pens mixed with a three year old is a recipe for disaster!
Now he can draw rainbows...  


  1. I've made stars like that in the past but with plain brown paper. I like the book pages better, more character!
    Aiden will love the dog :)

  2. those stars look great! So crafty you are!!!

  3. Loved the dog project.
    I would like to purchase this pattern


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