Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Room Reveal!

While Alyssa was away this week at her cousin's, I decided it was time to get her room redecorated!

We had planned it for a while, and Alyssa had even started to prime the bottom walls, but that was as far as we got when she left.

Here are some photos of her room before, mess and all:

Monday I painted the bottom half of the walls white, and started on the top half:

Bye bye blue!

What a beautiful grey!!!! The photos don't do it justice! I fell in love with it, but alas, it was only the primer.

Hello BLACK!!!!

More photos on that later....

I had also started on this little goody for Alyssa's room:

It was a freebie from someone I bought a bookshelf from!

I loved all the molding on it, and knew I could paint it and give it a new home...

All primed and painted:

I also put new handles on it, since it turned out to be cheaper (and quicker!) than buying spray paint for the old handles...

And since I was painting furniture anyways, why not paint the sleigh bed to match the rest of the room?

Primed and ready to go

As the paint dried, I began working on a bit of wall art I had in mind for the room.

I grabbed a large frame that I had sitting around, plus a bunch of little frames and a couple initials, and played around with them...

I nailed the frame to the wall...

and filled it with repainted and other goodies!

Alyssa can use the little frames to put her own photos in.

This is the new workstation -- a desk that fit perfectly into the space, with shelves for all Alyssa's little collectibles and a place for her bulletin board.

One day I hope to add a curtain to hide it all away...

Putting the room back together.... today!

Alyssa came home just before dinner.

This is a sneak peek at Alyssa's new quilt!

It is just the top, since I was busy in the room until 10 every night -- didn't leave much time for sewing!

How many kids can say they have a piano in their bedroom???

Sure beats a TV...

And does Alyssa like it?

The photo says it all...


The room is still not quite done, as it still needs baseboards, and a bit more artwork on the walls... I am thinking maybe a swirly decal or two?


  1. wow it looks great Chris. also Alyssa sure looks like you :)

  2. Wow! I would have never dared to paint the walls black...but you pulled it off and it looks amazing...loving the blue and white with sharp. Great job!

  3. I wouldn't normally use black in a bedroom, Leona, but it was such a small room I was pretty sure I could pull it off! The white bottom walls and closets break it up well too, I think. I will definitley be using that grey in my own bedroom though! ;o)

  4. Wow, her messy room even had a little boy tucked behind the mattress! Really great work, though!

  5. I absolutely love the room, Mom! And my old messy room does not USUALLY have a little boy in there. He usually has to stay out; he was only in there because Mom was in there.


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