Thursday, August 11, 2011

Messenger bags for two...

Michael and Ryan are going to a double birthday party tomorrow, and I made these messenger bags for their two friends.

This one is for Jasper.
For those of you who are friends of Cloverdale Reporter on Facebook, he is also known as the comic strip kid.
This little black and white hero is Al Lando, the star of Jasper's latest series...

Levi loves owls, so I put one on his bag flap.

The boys can use these bags for anything -- a trip to the library, a spare change of clothes when they go somewhere, a place to put snacks and drinks while on a day trip, or a bag to store new found treasures in!

The sky is the limit -- hope they like them!!!

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  1. OH WHOW, the boys are going to LOVE them! good work!


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