Friday, July 1, 2011

Jewellery tree

A few months back I was inspired by this post on Centsational Girl:

One day when I was spring cleaning my gardens, I had to cut off a couple branches from my rhodo bush that had died over the winter.

I held on to this one, and let it dry for a while.

I finally brought it down to my hubby's workshop with a circle piece of wood that Aiden had written all over in ink. *sigh* At least I still found a use for it!

I sawed off the bottom of the branch to make it straight, then drilled a hole into the piece of wood and up into the bottom of the branch. Then I screwed the branch onto the wood.

I drilled a bigger hole at the bottom of the circle so the screw could be sunken into the wood, to avoid wobblies when all was said and done...

Then I primed the entire thing, using some primer that was sitting around the shop.

No it wasn't spray paint, which would have been easier, but I was not going to spend any $$ if I didn't have to.... so I did it by brush.

Next I took it outside and used some flat black spray paint that had been sitting in my closet for a few years -- I finally had the perfect project for it!

And this is the finished product! I love that I can have my necklaces out in the open, and they are not getting tangled in a jewellery box!

Should go pretty nice with my earring holder!


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