Friday, July 22, 2011

Light Bright

I was given this night light lamp for Lauren, and I thought it was pretty cute.

The only problem was that it was a pale pink, a colour which she has none of in her room...

I was so eager to get this lamp in her room that I grabbed the first matching acrylic paint that I had in my cupboard, which happened to be this orange...

Not bad in itself, but it just didn't go with the rest of the decor in Lauren's room, so I considered it a fail. Bummer.

Today I was inspired to try and glue some twine all around the outside, so I scraped off the paint -- and it came off VERY easily -- another fail on my part! :oP

This is the original colour:

The pink is a nice colour, but definitely does not go with Lauren's room, so I got out the glue gun and my roll of twine and started gluing!

One year I will figure out how to use that silly gun without burning my fingers!!!

This was the finished product, and I quite liked it.

Lauren thought it was ugly. :oP

She said she didn't like the colour.

What am I to do?

I get out the paints again, and grabbed the fullest bottle of matching paint I could find, which happened to be a daffodil yellow.

I couldn't let it rest as is, so I decided to add a felt flower that also matches the material in Lauren's quilt, and this is how it ended up...

Now Lauren LOVES it and wants to keep it on all the time when she goes to bed!!!

Isn't that reason enough to give up the natural twine look for a kid's version?


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