Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a hoot!

Recently in the land of Facebook I signed up for a pay it forward venture...
I was to sign up my name to receive something handmade, while I had to do the same for five fellow FBers.
So I posted the same in my status, but the response was poor! Do I not have any crafty friends on FB who want to pay it forward???
I still really wanted to make little things for other people, so I changed my status and told the first seven people who signed up under my comment that they would get something handmade by me, no strings attached.
Apparently I am not good in math because I ended up with around 13 people in the end!
I couldn't just turn them down... :o)
So meet this little guy.
He is a pincushion, and I made him for none other than my co blogger here!
Hope Tania loves him!
Then I made this hairclip for someone else on my list... actually it is for her daughter
-- I got the flower pattern from here:
I used their flower pattern but put the clip together with my own ideas.

These three clips I made for my daughter, using the same flower pattern as above.
I want to make a few headbands with these as well -- they would look super cute!


  1. Oh how I lOVE him. Im not sure I will be able to poke him with pins ;)

  2. What a cutie patootie!!! The owl I mean :).


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