Friday, November 18, 2011

in business!

The friend who requested the custom order of note totes for Christmas also wanted some sort of signature/business card to include with the gifts.
I had until today to make up some business cards, and because I sometimes procrastinate work best under pressure, I left it until late last night.
I knew the totes were going to be picked up early this morning, but I figured since I had a run booked at 5:30 that I would have plenty of time to finish them.
Last night at ten while I was getting ready for bed I was jotting down some potential names, but eventually gave up and went to sleep on it.  lol
As I was getting ready for my run this morning a name popped into my head and I quickly jotted it down before heading out in the cold, cold cold.
I hopped in the shower shortly after 7, then settled down at the computer to work on the business cards.
Okay, I have a name. No website, fine. No catchy email address, so I quickly made up an alias on my account with the business name. And a link to this blog.
These totes are hanging around my friend's house until Christmas, so I have a bit of time to come up with a website if wanted, or some fun stuff on my blog.

I printed up the cards on the computer with cardstock, added a little stamp love, and cut them out with my papercutter.
Just in time, because three minutes later there was a knock on my door!


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