Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas crafts!

This is the first post in a Christmas extravaganza!
I am hoping to do a bunch of sewing/crafting this year for Christmas -- for myself, for friends, for gifts, and for my terribly neglected pay-it-forward list.
This hanging mistletoe was inspired by a tutorial I stumbled upon at
Matsutake. Find her tutorial here, and then go check out the rest of her tutorials... good stuff!
I used felt instead of fleece, and the one on Matsutake looks wayyyy nicer than mine, but I love it anyways.
And so does Darryl.

Come here and give me a kiss!


  1. how about a virtual hug instead? :o) (((hugs)))

  2. Good post, Brenda. I need to finish my letters this weekend. Just wanted to ask ~ will you be adding any new Christmas crafts to your Etsy shop?


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