Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm here!

I have been on a bit of a sewing hiatus since the beginning of school, but am hoping I am now getting back into the swing of things!
This is a custom order I made for a friend -- a pile of note totes!

 These little guys hold 3 x 5 pads of paper...

Just the right size for notes or shopping lists, with spots to hold coupons!!!

And yesterday I finally got started on more pants for Aiden!
No more flood pants for him...
This material I picked up at Fabricland, in the remnant bin when they had a half off sale.
I think I paid $2.25 for a yard of this super soft (almost like a flannel) super adorable camo print!
 I used a pants pattern from the new Sewing for Boys book, which I absolutely love!
So easy!!!
 Since they were camo pants, I had to add a couple cargo pockets for lots of little boy storage...
and a little taggie because I love tags  :o)
 Cuffed bottoms for growth spurts... simply undo the stitches and voila! Added length!
 Another tag added to show which side of the pants is the back... I didn't feel like adding a faux zipper fly.
 Double stitched all the seam allowances down for added durability and softness inside.
 Aiden, you like your new pants?
 Love them Mom!!!
Now can I have a mento for each of my pockets???


  1. Thank you Chris for the note totes! You are such a talented lady and I appreciate your time!


  2. Love the note totes! What a great gift idea. Nice find on the pants fabric too - they look great on Aiden

  3. Wow!! You are sewing like a pro! Do you give lessons? ;)

  4. The note totes are super pretty!!!

  5. You are such a great sewer. I LOVE aidens pants

  6. ashley would love a note tote!!!!
    and i can't believe how big aiden is getting!!! i must see you guys again soon! love the pants!


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