Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family Fun Night

This year I was approached by the family fun night committee to donate something for the silent or live auction -- I knew it would come one year or another! :o)

I thought about what I was going to donate, and had thought of doing up a sewed item, but then saw how many other sewed goods were going to be given too.

I thought and thought some more (think, think, think!) and had just about given up when I walked in to our shop looking for something else, and saw this:

I had a set of two beat up looking child sized adirondack chairs sitting in there that I had picked up off craigslist last year, and had planned on fixing them up this year for Aiden. I saw them on the floor and went "Bingo!"

I was going to fix both chairs up and donate them to the school, but on closer inspection noticed that one of the chairs was beyond redemption.

So one chair is was!

I replaced a couple broken pieces, filled up some gouges with wood filler, and primed it.

I used paint from our shop -- exterior paint that won't come off in the elements (hopefully!), and used denim fabric from my stash to make a cute little cushion to add a little pop.

I hand embroidered this cute little sun on the denim, just to give it some colour, and to maybe wish the sun here???

The finished deal!

to see the whole list of items up for auction!

I know I have my bidding arm itching to go!


Please come out on Friday to have a great time, fabulous food, and to help support our school!


  1. That turned out great Chris! Should fetch a good price at the auction!

  2. Hope so Mom! I didn't put any money into it, so anything the school gets for it is great!!!
    Esther, you going to bid? ;o)

  3. Great work! Now are you going to want to buy it back LOL


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