Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's day and Happy Birthday!!!!!

I had a great mother's day yesterday. My hubby spoiled me. I had asked him not to spend any money on me but maybe just help me out around the house. So on Saturday he did around 10 loads of laundry and Sunday he made me the most delicious stir fry. I had a nap after a birthday lunch with Aaron's family which helped gt rid of my headache. Then we played a game and ate ice cream with caramel and smarties on it , YUMMY! What did you do for mothers day? Because Gavin had already had a birthday party I decided to make mothers day cupcakes instead, nothing fancy but they were cute and good.

Last week I went over to my friend karen's house and we made bike baskets . Mine was for my niece M for her birthday and it took me FOREVER to make it , I kept getting frustrated and in the end it was to small and the velcro didnt match her handle bars. So it will go to my little girl for her birthday . Today I tweaked the pattern and  gave it another go. I hope it works . With the first one I used heavy interfacing for this one I used an extra layer of thick fabric. So its a bit limpy :( Im hoping once its on her bike it will be ok, but if not I will try to fix it. Second time around was way better I even enjoyed it . Here are some pictures all our bikes are hanging up so I couldn't model then properly. 

The back of the bigger one

inside of little one


  1. Once again I love your fabric. What a neat idea!!

  2. I'm glad you gave it another go!
    Looks good!


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