Thursday, April 7, 2011

sew busy

This past week I had mentioned on my personal blog that sewing machine was going to get a good workout this week.

And it has, I think.

Monday I spent putting a bunch of patches on clothing for a friend, and Tuesday I started a project for myself.

My old purse was starting to fall apart, and rather than shell out $$$ to buy a new one, I decided to try make my own.

I found this bag tutorial at http://bluebirdbaby.typepadcom/phots/bag_tutorial/index.html and had it sitting in my inbox waiting patiently for me.

I noticed that it had a center panel, which gave me the perfect opportunity to use the rest of the fabric that I loved so much here:

I even have a little bit extra! Now what do with that...

Anyways, here is the finished product. Since it was such a deep bag (YAY!!!) I added a middle divider and extra pockets to keep things a little more organized.

I used longer middle panels and ruffled the edges to give it a little more visual interest. I also put in a zipper instead of the button it called for. I like to have all things in my purse a little more contained -- and hidden from a certain 2 year old! :o) Best of all it has room for everything -- and more! -------------------------------------------------- I worked on my purse Tuesday and Wednesday, and then today I made up another pay it forward gift. This bunting was a good way to use up scraps of fabric. I love how it turned out -- even the bias tape was recycled from my little guy's crib bumper pads!

This bunting has a little secret though... This gift is for a sweet lady in our church who has boys, but also a girl! And girls can't have blue bunting, can they?

Well, not all the time, anyways.

So I made the bunting REVERSIBLE!!!!

So I have this sweet piece of pie ready to go...

Only ten(?) more to go.... better get back to my machine!!!


  1. How cute!! You must have inherited the sewing gene from Grandma. It seems to have bypassed me!

  2. Love the bag! Wish I could do that! :)

  3. Nice! I like the bag. Is the strap long enough to actually go around someone's body comfortably? lol

  4. Bekki, I can wear it on my shoulder, or across my chest... :o)


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