Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Blanket and Two Bags.

Wow it felt SOOOOO good to do some sewing yesterday. I spent he whole afternoon while my 2 year old napped doing what I love best. Last week I hit some great sales in the States which motivated me even more to get my butt at it again. I have a dear friend who had a baby back in August and I have yet to meet this precious babe. It was such a nice surprise when she sent me a message that they were coming for a visit. I had planned on making a quilt but since they are already coming tomorrow I settled with a simple blanket. I really like it though. The material I think is beautiful and I was even able to use my new labels. Yay!!!!

The Second project I did was a library book bag for my sweetie pie Niece Morgan. She has been wanting one and waiting so patiently for it. She picked the fabric and I was not at all surprised as she is a die hard princess,Tinkerbell fan. I cant wait to give it to her.

The next is a laundry bag for Brandon. I posted the one I made for Dylan in a previous post and still have yet to make the other 2 kids there bag. Brandon loved it he wanted to carry it around with him. He is like that with anything new though. Buy him new shoes and he wont let you take them off. I hope to do some more sewing today, mainly housekeeping. I have a huge list of half made projects. i almost feel like I should finish a few of them before working on Madison's quilt.

Thank you everyone for your comments and reading my blog. I truly love sharing my crafts with you.


  1. Your projects look great! I LOVE productive nap time :)

  2. I love how Gavin is looking in his laundry bag!! So cute!! The fabric totally matches his room. Happy Sewing.

  3. I see Be Be!
    Aiden just said that -- his first sentence ever!!! :o)
    Nice job on the sewing... at least you can still depend on naps for toddler free time! :o)

  4. Very nice, Tanya! I love naptime too.


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