Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally did a bit of sewing..... Laundry Bag

So I have a smart solution. Do you ever have it where you feel like you can never find socks for your kids. With 4 kids Im always so annoyed matching socks. So instead of a Laundry basket for the whole family I decided to make the kids each there own. Then when its full i will do a Load of just one kids clothes . I think it would be easier for folding and putting away to . :) Anyways I have only finished 1 but it didn't take long so I hope to get the others done later today. I also plan on making the strap shorter for the other kids as I had problems trying to hang it without it touching the ground. Anyways he has it hanging on a coat hanger for now but im sure that wont last. So here a a few pictures of the laundry bag......


  1. What a clever idea! I like the fabric you used for your son's bag, and he's a cutie, too! :o)



  2. Cute idea! Especially if you don't have a lot of floor space to put a laundry basket... I may do that for Lauren's closet to hold all her stuffies! Right now they are in a crib sheet folded in half and nailed to her closet wall... LOL Not very accessible!

  3. Hi Tania:

    This is Tania from Super QT on the Hill, following back, thanks for following my blog!!!


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