Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yesterday wasn't good but TODAY IS!!!!!!

My day started out with a wonderful egg and bacon  meal made by hubby , then he and the 3 oldest went out and picked apples while Brandon my littest man and I puttered around the house. When Brandon went down for his nap I thought I would try and make me a new Sunday skirt. I have never made anything for myself to wear so I was a bit nervous. I used the book One yard Wonders that has a bias skirt pattern. Well I didn't have enough fabric to do it on the bias so I altered a few things and made it work. Im so excited it actually turned out. YAHOO! So here is a picture, sorry for the bad quality I took it in my bathroom to use the mirror.

So this I did between laundry and nap time for Brandon. When Aaron got home I was thrilled he had tons of apples for apple sauce and a flat of fresh pick blueberries YUMMY! I had my niece and 2 nephews over for the afternoon evening so I played for a bit made a sandwich and jello supper ( too hot to cook) the kids were picked up at 7ish and my kids were showered and off to bed YAY how I love bedtime. So this is what happened when the kids went down , cant get any better then this .
How often do you get to cut out fabric at 8pm on your patio . Hubby was outside watering so I cut out 36 of my quilt circles for the quilt I want to make while chatting with Aaron. Once that was done which is now I sat down with an ice cold glass on ice tea and some BC fresh cherries and my blog.(that's what I call a GREAT DAY).... have a nice Sunday.


  1. Tania, your skirt turned out really cute! And I think I know which quilt you're making. I have that pattern, too and want to try it one day! Can't wait to see how yours progresses!



  2. Hi Tania,
    We were talking about designs for your blog. I'm wondering if this site interests you? I came across it & thought about you. Some very cute & wonderful designs and loads of instructions & help...A Great Site!
    Your skirt came out very nice and I love the fabrics for the quilt. I'll have to watch your progress, I have always wanted to do another quilt...maybe this fall :)
    see you soon,

  3. Sounds like a great, productive day! the skirt turned out darling, well done! Thanks for linking too. Jenn

  4. What a fantabulous day!!!
    I am feeling a little bit jealous... starting to feel burnt out here (and burnt up by the sun!) and beginning to look forward to coming home and getting back to normal things again!
    Where did Aaron get the apples? I would love some boxes!!! :o)
    And sweet skirt -- glad it turned out! I may have to check that pattern out myself...

  5. Chris they came from your in laws place. :)when you coming home?

  6. so cute!!! thanks for sharing this

  7. WHAT????
    They better have saved some for us!!!!! :o)
    And we come home on Friday afternoon/ early evening... we leave LA on Wedensday and are taking 3 days to come home. Woot!

  8. you have inspired me to sew with circles!!!
    Great post.


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