Friday, July 23, 2010

A screwed up purse

The worst part of sewing is when something just doesnt turn out . I had some nice fabric and wanted to make the buttercup purse made by Rae a free pattern I fond online. Its just didnt work. I was so excited about it but the one thing about screwing up is I always take something out of the experience. I learned how to do pleats which I didn't know how to do . This is the fabric that would have been a beautiful purse:(


  1. Oh Tania is that the material you picked up in the states? :o(
    It obviously wasn't meant to be... can you use the material for something else?

  2. Tania, so sorry that your purse didn't work out... that is really pretty fabric! Those types of things happen to me all the time, and I've been making bags for a while now. Whenever I'm sewing a pattern for the first time, I usually make it up in some "practice" fabric from my stash so I can make sure to work out all the details before sewing on my "good" fabric. Believe me, I learned this from experience! :o( I go to the thrift stores and buy old sheets for $1.00 or less to use as the practice fabric - you get a lot for a little!

    Perhaps you can still salvage some of that fabric and make little coin purses or something similar?



  3. cyndi i have just enough left for the outside of your wallet ;)

  4. I am new to sewing also! I Love the fabric. I just dowloaded that same purse pattern. Where did you mess up? Please share so maybe I can avoid the same mistake. Love your cute blog and fun ideas. i am also a new blogger, check me out at
    I also became a follower!


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