Saturday, July 3, 2010

The wallet and skirt are finshed!

I m super excited that as a beginner sewer I was able to complete these 2 projects no problem. The biggest thing Im coming to terms with is that if i screw something up or am not happy with it , it was still worth it because this is how i am learning. The skirt was fun and super easy my friend Karen now has her tutorial up on her blog I think its a great pattern for all levels of sewing. Here is my little model Madison wearing her new skirt.
And now onto the wallet. I was really happy that I could make a wallet and understand direction so easily. Cyndi  did an awesome job on her first tutorial , actually this is a first for both these ladies. Im really happy with my wallet. After making one I really want to make another just because i know understand how everything goes ect. I couldn't believe that I sewed on a zipper without any problems. The key is to use an actually zipper foot not something you think is a zipper foot ( dumb moment). So here it is.........


  1. You could sew ME a wallet Tania! :o)
    I have been wanting to replace mine, but I have other things to do first on my sewing list...

  2. Tania, you did an awesome job on your skirt and wallet! I'm so happy that you found the tutorial easy to understand and follow. I got an e-mail from an "anonymous" person that told me the tutorial was not easy to understand and needed a lot of "tweaking"! :o( So it makes me feel better to know you didn't have any problems! Can't wait to see any others you make!

    And, your little Madison is adorable!



  3. I don't know if you should be calling yourself a beginner sewer Tania - you are doing such a great job!! The skirt is beautiful - how long did it take to make?

  4. Aww thanks Gloria. I have only been sewing on a machine or anything really for 2 years and the first year was straight line sewing and only squares. I have recently in the last year branched out and really enjoying it but have to admit I cant read patterns although I really wish I could. I follow online tutorials no problem though . I need visual pictures lol. The skirt was easy probably in total took me 2 hours.

  5. Your skirt is lovely! And I think you have inspired me to make a new wallet. Thank you! I'm visiting with sugar bee, and I hope you visit me too. I'm also your newest follower!

  6. Good for you! I'm always looking for good new easy patterns for beginers so thanks for shareing.

  7. love that skirt! - Mandy,


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