Thursday, September 22, 2011

sew crazy...

The last couple days I was feeling a bit sew crazy and made a few more things...

Leanne's custom note tote!

I made this little guy for Aiden for his birthday next week.

I was in love with the pattern I drew up, but not entirely happy with the end result. I would make a few changes next time...

I was so disheartened by the way it turned out (the head in particular) that I gave it to Aiden right away just to get it out of my stuff...

Well at least Aiden likes it! And that means one less present for him on his birthday, but I don't think he will notice... Aiden does refuse to take him to bed, though, which is really odd and a little bit insulting! lol

Yesterday I was feeling fallish, so I made a few pumpkins out of scraps of material!

They are so easy to make!

left over pants material for the above pumpkin

left over t shirt scraps for this one!

They found their way onto my dining room table this morning. So cute!

PS The orange material came from the hemmings of Michael's bedroom curtains! I made a table runner, a runner for the top of my TV cabinet, this one pumpkin, and still have leftovers. Probably for pillows or something! The curtains were lined, so unfortunately I can't use them for clothes... lol


  1. Great finishes! I like them all!

  2. The robot is adorable! So are the pumpkins!

  3. The robot is so cute and lovable. You should do tutorials on these patterns you come up with!!

  4. That was me, Gloria :).

  5. so...let me get this straight. You didn't like the crazy cute robot? Well I do! It's a winner!


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