Wednesday, September 14, 2011

latest projects...

I have been a busy little bee!

The week before school started, I decided to make a messenger school bag for my daughter, and one for her friend. I took a messenger bag pattern I have in a book and blew it up to suit the needs of a bag that has to carry binders, a lunch bag, and the most essential thing, my daughter's purse! lol

It turned out alright, but I am not going to post any photos of it. The bag is not going to be used for school, as it turned out too big! It will be used for sleepovers and such, but I would have to make another bag for school.

The bag below is the one I made for Alyssa's friend. I used a different pattern, sized it to her needs, and this was the result!

J picked out a fun boucle fabric, which was easier to sew with than I thought... I love the pattern on it, and the fact that it looks like a sweater or suit jacket!

She also picked out some purple jewels for me to add as a bit of bling...
Side pockets for a water bottle and what have you...

The zipper proved to be tricky with all the thick material, so I ended up sewing it on by hand. Next time better!

I added a couple interior pockets and voila!

J loves it, and I hope it lasts her many many years... if it doesn't, she knows where I live!


This next project I picked out of the sewing cupboard -- I keep all my fabric in drawers, and chuck stuff that is too small for Alyssa in there that I figure I can use for repurposing.

This shirt fits me, but it fits a little bit too much, if you know what I mean...


I sewed up the sides by the arms a bit more, added a false tank top, and a bit of swing on the bottom...

Both of the added materials came from another shirt that was already partly repurposed for another shirt of Lauren's...
This one ended up being long enough for a dress!

But I made Lauren wear leggings with it, so she can run and jump and play at school without having to worry about being a lady (snort, like she does that anyway...)

She loved the dress so much she wanted to wear it to school again the next day!

I had to draw the line...

This final project is my favourite of the three!!! I LOVE the fabric Alyssa picked out for her second messenger bag -- I have big plans for the excess material!

Her bag also needed a bit of bling, so I took this flower that we bought specifically for the bag a while ago...

Got rid of the plastic centre, sewed on a button and brooch clip...

Instant happiness for the bag!

Alyssa hasn't seen the finished bag yet, so I am really excited to show her after school.

Hope she loves it as much as I do!

Next on my to do list?

A present for Aiden's birthday and three or four pairs of pants for him!

He outgrew almost all his pants over the summer!!!


  1. I saw her wearing her new dress at school- very cute! :)

  2. You have been busy! Love the variety of all your projects - it sounds like you have fun with them - and they turn out great too.


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