Thursday, June 23, 2011

shrug it off

I was going through my shirts the other day to find one to wear, and I came across a couple shirts that had all sorts of stains on them!


I really loved the neckline on this shirt, so I wanted to try and repurpose it somehow...

I decided to try a shrug! I figured if it didn't work, oh well. It was probably going to end up in the garbage anyways...

So I cut the shirt up the middle in the front (have I told you how much I love working with knits just because it doesn't fray?), then cut it across width wise right above the highest grease spot.

Bad bacon!!!

I put on a new hem, rounded the front, and this is what I ended up with!

I am still debating taking in the sides in the back, so it doesn't hang out so far.
Once I get more thread.

Bonus -- it matches my new tank top!!!

So what do you think?

Next item to sew for myself: AN APRON!!!!!


  1. Very nice! What about a hook & eye to close it in the front instead of taking it in at the sides/back?


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