Thursday, June 9, 2011

Itty Bitty baby dresses and baseball

This past little while I spent some time making things for babies -- two friends' baby girls, and my own baby! Well, he isn't so much a baby anymore, but he is still MY baby!

:o) shows you how to make the itty bitty baby dress, which I have been waiting to make for a long time.

This first dress I made for an almost 11 pound girl, so I had to size it up a bit. It ended up being a bit too big still, but she will get to wear it over the summer. :o)

I am just a little sad I didn't take more photos of it, but I wasn't thinking blog material at the time. I was just excited I had made my first dress in *gasp* over 20 years! Sewing class in high school, and for some reason I can't remember what grade that was...

The material is from Momo freebird, and the green is T shirt material that I used for softness and a bit of colour punch.

This second dress I made for a little girl in our church, and she hasn't gotten it yet! :o)

This girl is much smaller than the first girl, so I got to work with smaller pattern pieces!

I don't know if that was what threw me off, but this little dress was much more time consuming to make. I had to undo stitching a few times, screwed up the bodice lining, and even the bias at the bottom! Argh!

But this is the finished dress, finally!

I added a sweet piece of crocheted lace I had sitting in my ribbon stash and was the perfect size for the front of the dress!
The fabric is from my stash of nondescript fat quarters and extra pieces...

I also added my own little touch on the bottom bias -- where I screwed it up! LOL

But now you can see it was made with love...


Hope this little girl -- and her mommy -- likes it!

I picked up this cute print at Fabricland the other day -- they are having great sales right now!

Or they may be over already, I don't know. But I spent $38 there and got 7 yards of material, two spools of thread, and two bias tape packages. Not bad!

Anyways, I was looking for cotton to make a new crib sheet for Aiden's crib (yes he is 32 months old and still in a crib -- and will be until he learns to climb out! lol) and saw this sweet American Pastimes print from Marcus...

How cute are these little baseball players???

Aiden loves his new sheet and played in his bed for fifteen minutes after I put it on his mattress just to hang out with the players...

And he went to bed very happily that night too!



  1. Great stuff AGAIN!!

  2. If that's what it takes to keep Aiden in bed, go for it! lol Very cute dresses, I'm sure they'll love them!

  3. Aiden keeps saying those are soccer players, so his next sheet might just have to have soccer balls on it! :o)

  4. Guess what- the 11 pound girl is now 12.5 lbs! (she was weighed yesterday) I'm thinking you'll get photos of her wearing the adorable dress sooner than we thought :) Thanks again, Chris- the dress is super cute!

  5. Uh, Lisa, are you feeding that girl whipping cream??? LOL


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