Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Last Bag and a Pair of PJ Pants

Well all school age nieces and nephews all have there own library book bags. well Carsen who is turning 7 will get his in a couple hours. I made 3 girls bags and 4 boy bags plus 3 others for my kids. Here is Carsen's bag.

And below are my first pair of PJ pants I have ever made. This was the second thing we made in my sewing lesson . I was pretty excited. Wore then to bed last night :)


  1. Great book bag...I'm sure all the kids are going to be thrilled with them! And I love your P.J. pants. I've been wanting to make some, too. I just got a pattern and I think I'm going to be making mine from vintage sheets!



  2. Super cute pants! What pattern did you use for the pants? I really want to make some of my own. Thanks!

  3. I actually borrowed a friends. but there are tons of patterns similar out there.:)

  4. We love love love your crafting and style!
    We just HAD to give you an award for your talents:]
    Visit our page to get your award...thanks for sharing such cuteness with us:]


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