Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Favorite Fabric designer

Let me introduce to you the fabric designer of choice for me. I absolutely love her style and she seems like the sweetest person. Her name is Pat Bravo you can find her blog here. I recently bought some of her fabric from the girly girl line to make a quilt for Madison. 
This pattern is in the newest Better homes and Gardens Quilts and More magazine. All I need is the right circle ruler and Im good to go. If you were to pick the solid color which one would you choose?
 Stay tuned for my progress.


  1. I think it would depend on what you have in mind for Madison's room. If you want it a little on the quiet side, I would go with just white or cream. It would make the bold colours stand out more, but not too bright. If you want more colour... maybe pink?

  2. LOVE that pattern! It's going to be beautiful! I'd probably pick an off-white, or I'd try to match up that mandarin orange color.

  3. Funny I didn't even consider the orange color I will have to check that out. I am thinking i will go with the off white but not sure yet.

  4. I agree with Chris - pink, cream or white.
    love your new blog!!

  5. Hi Tania! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment, and please visit me often!

    I have that that quilt! As for your background color, I would probably go with either a cream or the orange. That would look really sharp with those pinks, browns and aquas!



  6. A light lime green kiwi color would be fun but I agree it depends on the room.

  7. can't wait to see your progress on the quilt - I'm loving that fabric! Mandy,


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